About this site

This site was made by a fellow fitbit-er to provide the community an easy way of finding groups within the FitBit.com website. Currently, you can only page through the groups in alphabetical order! So, this site provides keyword-based searching to help you find the right group for you.

  1. What is this site?

    This is a website to help FitBit users easily search the fitbit community groups so that they don't have to wade through pages and pages of groups only to get nowhere!

  2. Why doesn't FitBit have a search feature?

    I don't know! You should ask them!

  3. I just made a group and I can't find it on here!

    I scrape FitBit's server about everyday so please wait at least 24 hours for your group will show up.

  4. I got an issue or suggestion

    Great! Head on over to FitBit Group Search and create a discussion topic or send me a message through FitBit.

  5. Why is this website called Relliker.com?

    I don't know. It was just a domain name I bought awhile ago that wasn't being used...

  6. Why are there ads?

    Well, since this website is a side project for me an I am paying for all hosting costs, I want to offset some of the costs by putting Google Adsense Ads on the site. Some people do not like this but it's something I have to do to not shut down the site.